Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Problems Problems all the way!...

Once upon a time, everyone in the world was complaining about their problems in life.. So, God called an emergency meeting and asked them to place all their problems on the table... He then asked them to pick up the problem they think are easier for them and exchange it with their own.. Soon, People were picking up their own problems and retreating...

This is a true fact my reader... I have always seen people around me complaining about how God is unfair with them and they are suffering the most in this world.. Infact, attimes I feel I have been treated unfairly.
But most of the times, these problems are created by ourselves..

All of us are aware of EGO, You will be awed my reader as to how this ego is necessary for most of our problems..Let me list out the problems I face

1. I feel I am not good looking, That God has only made me fat in this world...Well, I was just analyzing yesterday and I realised how wrong I was.. Ofcourse I am a little on the plumpier side, but Hold on, I am as healthy as any slim/fit person in this world. I dont have any illnesses, I can play with my child without getting tired.. Lift weights without feeling drained and work 24 hours round the clock without collapsing.. Now, If I see the positive side of things, I should not be feeling so bad about being plumpy..There must be many people in this world who are obese and restricted with activities.. Now, Why do I have this problem, Because my ego realises that I am not at par with other people who are slim and fit.. I have created this problem myself by trying hundreds of weightloss methods, stress and dissappointment when they dont work out... If I just leave my weight to itself, I need not bother about it at all..

2. My son's upbringing!... I always feel I am a lousy mum who doesnot know to rear children.. Can you imagine from the past few days I am unable to sleep because of this issue. You will be surprised to know that my poor son is not even 2 years old, can read the alphabet by himself, show the parts of his body, Will tell u when he wants food, and also tell u when he wants to relieve himself.. Come to think of it, is this not progress. My son says Thank you, Sorry and Welcome at the right places.. Treats everyone with respect and even helps old people around.. What more can I ask for? Am I a lousy mum then? This problem is again created by myself.. U know why? I once heard a 18 month old saying Mama, see Doggie... Thts all.. after this encounter, I started feeling my son is underdeveloped, that I am lousy and what not.. I forgot one basic fact that each child is unique and grows accordingly. We can never compare two kids together... This problem is no problem at all.. Only a state of my mind created by myself!

3. I have this weird feeling that I dont have the right partner... HE HE, this is the most funniest problem I have... If I just sit back and count on his good traits, the bad traits just dont seem important at all, But I, nurture the bad traits and enlarge them to a 1000% and then say, I dont have the right partner... Do you want to know how.. My partner is a caring person, He never intrudes my lifestyle, let me wear what I want doesnot interfere with what I do with my money, Never questions about my friend, Understands when I am tired, doesnot bother about how I look, or how much I weigh, Eats whatever I feed him without any complain, Never deprives me of anything.. The only problem with him is he doesnot know to express himself.. Now, Shouldnt I be feeling lucky to have the best one in this world when I have seen women suffering because of their partner's negligence/dominance. But No, I keep feeling I dont have the right person.. All because he is not lovey dovey, like the romantic movie that I saw last weekend, I feel he is not good...

So, My reader, Remember one thing, Most of the problems are created by ourselves either to satisfy our ego, by comparing others or by just not seeing the positive things..
Remember, There is no problem without a solution and if there is, then it is not a problem at all!

Thanks to one and all for liking my write ups!... Do leave your suggestions if any


  1. Thats really true Nischita... i agree 100% :) great write ups :)

  2. Hi Nikki...

    Nice blog...
    Agree with egoistic behavior of humans :P
    These kind of problems i face but in few different scenarios like i m very slimy :( and about my gf too... and many more cases....
    (didn't face about the child yet :P he he)

    Well thanks for this blog.. helped me in some way :)
    Waiting for ur next pen...
    Until then aurevoir... :)