Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Money is Honey, Honey!

Disclaimer :  Please donot read is you are too futuristic and materialistic!

I have always been this carefree person who doesnot care much about the long lost future or the long forgotten past. I always live for today!.. Ofcourse, I am aware that I should be saving for the winter, which I do, but only suffice for me to survive during those difficult times. The rest of my money, my hard earned money goes into my today, My wonderful today which I like living to the fullest..

You have a larger than life attitude accuses my partner! But Hey, All my life, I have heard it is good to have an attitude like that!..

All my childhood, I have seen my parents struggling to meet ends meet. They had to provide for 2 ever hungry children, Children who were hungry for knowledge, food, clothing and shelter!.. I have always seen my mom stopping herself from buying that fav Sari just because she had to save for her future!... or my dad skipping his favorite food to take care of ours!

To summarize, with a meagre salary of a few thousands, my parents used to feed, clothe and educate their 3 children, try to save for their future and also take care of the mountain of bills that used to pile up at the end of every month! A future which is their today and they are as penniless as they were all those years ago. Today they are struggling to get their daughters' married off, their son settled and to their future!..

I really appreciate my parents and am ever grateful for them for providing me good education without which I would not be penning my thoughts here today! I would never be so successful in life without their little sacrifices. I, Thank you Mum and Dad with all my heart for that!

But, Sometimes I feel,  Was their sacrifices worth it? Yes, their children are successful today and everything but what do they have in their kitty? All their life they have tried to save for their future but now when that long dreaded future arrives they are as clueless as they were those many years ago! I really feel sorry for my mum and dad.
As a daughter I do try and give them all the happiness in this world. I want to give them everything they might have sacrificed, the holidays they skipped or the dinner dates they missed, but can I wipe their dissappointments? No, I can never do that!...

That is the root for my carefree attitude. Today, Thanks to my parents' sacrifice, I have a lucrative career and earn 6 digit salary and am successful in life! I have been saving enough for my son's education and my future. Then is there anything wrong if I spend rest of my money in what I desire? Is it wrong for me to buy that dress I adore in the boutiques window even though I might be having a handful? Is it wrong for me to eat out when I am tired? I dont think so!

Why shouldnt I feel thankful to God for giving me such a good life? Why should I brood over things and make life difficult for myself?

I know dear reader, you must be feeling Why am I asking you these questions ?

My Partner feels there should be lakhs of rupees in one's account to feel secure. Is it absolutely neccessay? I am happy with a few grands in my account. I know I am saving up enough when the need be. I know I have my future safely locked up some where. So Why cant I spend money??

I am sure of one thing , For me Money is not honey, Honey!.. Money is just a means to make my today a better place to live in and my future a secure enough place to survive!.. It is not everything, and I dont need to have lakhs of rupees to make myself feel secure and happy!...

I am happy with what I do and I dont need any suggestions to improve my lifestyle, Thank you very much!...

So on that note, I leave you my reader to prioritize your life!..

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  1. HI Nikky....

    U no these question i had been askin to myself from a long long time... Money is HOney or is it not???

    i m from a middle class fly from mlore and i hav experienced the same problem frm my childhood.

    I was told MONEY is everythin..but i still feel its not...

    Very nice post nikky...keep it up...

    i m following this blog from now on... :)

    Have a nice future
    bye for now
    I'll be Back to cooment on ur post :)