Thursday, 31 May 2007

My experience with Auto drivers in Bangalore

Amazing Experience, In my 3 years stay in Bangalore, not once have I got an auto without asking 3 or 4 drivers, An auto driver wont agree to drop you if its too near, or he will ask for more when it is too far..... I dont understand their predicament.
Just two days back, I had taken Mom and my sis out to MG road , as my sis wanted to eat at her Fav. joint, Mcdonalds. Once we finish, we walk down to MG road and walk to the prepaid counter. One lady inspector who was sitting there, Gapes at me when I tell her I need to go to Ulsoor, Coz Ulsoor is just about 2 kms from MG road. So I just stand by the counter and an auto pulls in and asked me where do we need to go... I tell him my destination , he stares at me as if I am an alien.... and then he says Madam 110 Rs.....Now tell me How do I need to react to this? Laugh , Cry or shout? By meter its just 12 Rs and He asks me almost 10 times more...Look at the Audacity. I ask him to go ahead...Another guy pulls in , He asks for 70 bucks.... I am getting annoyed...I mean U ask for double meter one can give, but Three times the fare...Its so unfair....
Another time,

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Introduction to the blogging world.

I've always heard of Blogging and its advantages. It used to look wierd to me that I type my thoughts on the net and the whole world reads it. But now, I have a different view....The day I started my work as a software engineer, I realised, I need to start blogging not just to while my time, but to store my memories and experiences...... In my own little world I would be piling on a lot of experiences in my life, some good and some bad and some interesting.. Coz Life is full of experiences and remember them forever I am recording them in this blog.

Live life to the Fullest!